AURA 2017 Worlds Reveal

After many hours of traveling and a day of settling in, AURA will be revealing our robots (Thomas, Dash, The Fat Controller, and Bash), tomorrow (Tuesday 18th) at 6:00PM EDT.

For now, for a bit of fun, here’s what we put together to get the team revved up at the start of the year:

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday - come say hi to us, we’ll be in the VEX U division!

  • AURA Worlds Team, 2017 (George, Jack, Steve, Jess, Ray and John)

Wow. This is some gold stuff! Loving the announcement already. +1
The episode should be named The AURA Awakens. :smiley:

The cover image is all I need. Great already.

That’s hilarious! Looking forward to the reveal tomorrow

Or even, The FAURAce Awakens :wink:

Only 7 hours until the reveal!


AURA proudly introduce our 2017 robots: The Fat Controller, Bash & Dash, and Thomas.

See you all tomorrow!


All 3(4?) robots are pretty unique in their own ways. Amazing robots.

Well if you count four, then two are not unique. :stuck_out_tongue:


And now for the moment many of you have been waiting for… what was in the box?


We’re thrilled to have won the Tournament for VEX U, this has been something we have as a club been aiming to win for many years, and having previously made it to the finals twice before we were particularly keen to get the win.

We’d like to thank all of the teams we played against at Worlds this year, but in particular we’d like to give a shout out to PRAR1, for making it from 9th to the finals of our division. PRAR were super impressive and completely blew us away, particularly when they beat us in the first game. We certainly had to make some adjustments to our strategy.

We’d also like to thank all of the awesome teams we have had fun with, including VCAT & BNS for being great fun and for both keeping us on our toes, and also WPI/Tabor & REKT for their generosity when we were in need of a bit of help.

Our division was absolutely fantastic, and we’d like to thank Andrew Remmers for being a great referee.

Of course, traveling from New Zealand to compete in the USA isn’t at all cheap, but thankfully The University of Auckland and Motion Design have helped us out with some assistance towards our costs, making the cost a bit easier to cope with alongside our study fees!

In addition to the World Champions title, we also finished 3rd in Robot Skills, and won the Community Award. We’re incredibly honoured to receive each of these. The Robot Skills challenge obviously is quite important to us, with AURA winning both Driver & Programming skills the previous time we competed at Worlds (in 2015). Volunteering and community involvement is a big part of AURA - giving back to the programme that has given us so many opportunities is really important to us, hence why we volunteer as much as we can back home in New Zealand with various robotics and STEM related programmes.

We’re coming home with 4 trophies, and many great memories. Thank you all!

  • George, Jack, Steve, Jess, Ray, John

Congrats on adding that final red trophy to your collection! Looking forward to joining you at Auckland Uni shortly!

On behalf of PRAR1, the Puerto Rico Robotic’s Alliance collegiate team, we’d like to congratulate you guys on your incredible achievement. It was truly an honor to compete against one of the most reputable teams in VEX History and the 2016-2017 VEX-U World Champions. I’d like to also acclaim your great strategical change during that Innovate division final and an overall astonishing performance. We’re looking up to seeing what you guys come up with towards VEX In The Zone this next VEX Robotics 2017-2018 season and we also hope to see you again next year at Worlds.

Check out our reveal video released prior to World’s '17 in:

Congratulations guys! I had a lot of fun watching your matches, especially the semifinals.