AURA Experiments

We’re releasing two short videos of things we have been trying recently!

We designed a de-scoring method for Toss Up:
We would get more pieces of paper in but the slot is only big enough for one piece at a time. It normally only needs one punch if everything is in alignment.

We tried controlling a robot with a Leap Motion: [
Actually driving the robot and making it go in the right places was harder than we thought it would be. Will probably look at some more filtering and how it might work for something that isn’t x-drive.

Are AURA back in competition? Are AURA putting competition robots together? Are AURA going for a Worlds 2015 run? Who knows?!](


Sorry but how is the first video link a de-scoring method for toss up? Or is it just a joke? :stuck_out_tongue:

Vex Mundi (Oliver, Head Ref NZ Nationals 2014) just told me that our de-scoring method would be illegal.

Oh I see. Would you still have a video of it to show? :stuck_out_tongue: