AURA's Bonus Robot Reveals

So by now you’ve hopefully seen our three robots that we used at the Robot World Cup. Here is the bonus edition of our robot reveals, where we’ve got three robots for the price of one (thread)!




Feel free to comment/post below if you have any questions about any of the robots! Unfortunately we don’t have any videos of these robots in competition (or practicing) - we never got around to taking any before we dismantled them for parts.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our robot reveals for Gateway so far - and we’re perfectly happy for you to use these designs as inspiration for your own! We wish everyone the best of luck with the competition this season.

Also, if you missed our other reveals so far this season…
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And if you want some help with chain linkages/bars/lifts…

And if you’re still a little confused about six-bar arms…

Awesome scissor! about how high does it reach?? It must be tall…

It actually could only go up and down 25", so we put an intake on that could pick up objects from 5’’ high and could drop them off at 27-28’’ high

Aura must love the new small omni wheels XP

Oh! I didnt see the second set of intake wheels!! It makes so much more sense now!