AURA's first 2012 World Champs reveal
This is AURA1’s interaction robot, for the College Challenge (field shown here)

This image shows a relatively early prototype. Here is a video of it in action: (The title and description were designed to conceal the fact that this was a serious prototype. We did this instead of making the video unlisted because we wanted to make sure other teams wouldn’t do the same thing and then beat us with it)

On the full version, the bucket is about as long but has proper walls, so it has a much greater capacity. All the other obvious problems that you can see are fixed (for example, slow intaking) and there are some extra features that we aren’t disclosing just yet :p. You’ll be able to see these at worlds, after which we’ll do a full reveal.

Specs for the current version:
Intake: 2 x 393
Lift: 2 x 393 plus more than 50 rubber bands; 1:5
**drive: **8 x 269; 1:1.5 for speed; tank


  • can gobble most of the stack in the first <20s of autonomous
  • discharges its entire payload (including both colours of objects) over the gate in a massive elastic-powered dump. The lift cannot come back down afterwards because the motors cannot drive against the elastic, so the robot spends the rest of the match half upside-down.
  • has an effective 10-motor drive after dumping, because the intake is on the ground and acts as a very large wheel.
  • can hoard opponent objects in its overturned bucket
  • can still deliver match loads and doublers/negators when inverted

Besides hoarding, the strategy after the dump is to play defensively and try to win the doubler fight, using our 10-motor drive. Our isolation robot should then be able to outscore theirs because it will have access to more objects.

The robot has performed well in testing and in practice matches against MESS, MITE and AURA2.

We will be doing pre-worlds reveals of our other robots at a later date.

Wow…reminds me of clean sweep :smiley:

Haha. I remember seeing that video. I was thinking “I cant believe they arent using that, its perfect for the college game”.

Well that looked… eccentric.

Hopefully you’ve realized and addressed these problems, but I’m curious:
-Wouldn’t you tip over the gate?
-Is it the best idea to only have a single dump? This is even if you’ve managed to intake the entire pyramid (due to some sort of really big capacity and intake efficiency). Or can you intake even more before dumping?
–Nevermind that, it says you can still hoard with your bucket upside down

Green Egg’s first robot would also be perfect for the college challenge because they can cap the goals in under a second through rubber bands and then you use the hippo to load them up and score.

Since its 2pm in LA, I should probably clarify that this was VexMundi’s April Fools Joke for anyone who thought he was serious. This robot doesn’t exist at all anymore.

We will probably do a reveal of our actual robots before worlds though, just after we’ve actually finished them.

I still say it is perfect for the college game.

I’ll admit it. I fell for it. :o

You just never know when something crazy works. :slight_smile:

When I first saw this I was all like “Trollface.jpg!” But after reading it I thought you were serious. Nice prank, although someone probably could pull something like this off for college, and it would be pretty nice.

i knew i can expect more from AURA! :wink:
even for prototypes!