Auto-Select On LCD

Hello recently my team has had some problems with our robot resetting due to connection issues, this would not be to big of a problem however part of our pre-auton is an autonomus selection on an lcd display. so everytime the robot resets we have to select something on the screen before we can restart driver control (Which you obviously cant do in the middle of a match) is there anything that could be added to our code to have it auto select after like x amount of seconds.


Well, you could have it in a while loop until Auto or Driver starts with an else statement having the robot do nothing. That should get you back into Driver control.

We had the same problem in the past and programmed it so that you have to be pressing a button in order to do the autoselect. If the button is not pressed and the robot resets, all that code is just bypassed. Saved us a world of heartache.

We put our lcd selection as a separate task in the driver control portion of code. We just select our autonomous before we plug into competition control and we don’t have problems with it forcing us to pick a program