Auto Single Cube Intake Prototype

Check out the auto cube intake we mocked up yesterday!

The self-aligning single cube intake, uses a line follower sensor to determine whether or not a cube is present. Comments? :smiley:

It seems like a very solid design and concept. I like the idea of the driver just being able to drive up to a cube and the lift raises itself. As a driver myself I know that this would give me one less thing to think about during the match! I have to ask what made you want to use a line follower to detect the cube presence over a simple limit or bumper switch?

We have tested the use of a line follower because it can easily be hidden behind the mechanism and not interfere with how soundly it attaches and holds the cube.


In this attachment, you can see how we hollowed out some of the squares of the metal, to allow this to be hidden yet reliably read. If you watch this video,, you are able to see just how solidly this โ€˜nearlyโ€™ passive design works.

We will continue to test different sensors and modify the threshold of our intake, however- our prototype is currently very promising!