Auto testing without robot

Is there some sort of render where I can test my autonomous without my robot?


yes, but its not very accurate compared to the real thing.

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How bad is it, does it have the general idea?

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its got a basic idea (btw I don’t know what it is I just know it exists.)

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Do u know the website

you have to account for discrepencies, such as friction, un level field tiles, unfortunately cad stare can only go so far. + I don’t believe its a website, I’m pretty sure its a software.

Can you tell me what the software is?


Try rms mimic. Not sure if that will work

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Rms mimic is basically the closest thing. But its not very useful. The best way to code away from the bot is writing good pseudocode and creating framework. That way you can quickly adjust sone things and fill in some values to make your auton work.


You could find out what values you need to use to travel a certain distance mathematically.

For example if your bot has 200rpm gearboxes and 4” radius wheels each revolution of the wheel means pi*4 inches are traveled. Then divide the number of encoder ticks per revolution(900) by the circumference of the wheels(12.56) and you have the number of ticks needed to travel 1”. In this case, 71.7. Then multiply that by the number of inches you need to travel and you have a pretty good estimate of what auton values to use.


Not really. Nothing is very accurate. You should plan it out with the basic moves you plan to do and get the basic outline of it done and try to get a good estimate of how far you need to go by measuring like @Download_Complete said. So when you really do get to test the bot you only have to make a few corrections and then your done. :smiley: