AutoCad for Vex

Okay, I am going to be completely honest here. I have no clue how to download AutoCad for vex robotics. Could someone please help me on this problem?

Most people use Autodesk Inventor, not AutoCad. Autodesk gives out free software to students and schools.

Many people are using a parts collection made by team 24 which can be found here:


Also…read the computer requirements closely for Inventor. It is pretty computer intensive. You may want to download an older version of Inventor, such as 2012, because the system requirements were much lower and you will have all the functionality that you need.](

BTW a gaming computer with a gaming card like a nvidia geforce is great for Inventor because Inventor uses DirectX. Gaming computers are not so good for Solidworks which uses openGL. Solidworks need a workstation(expensive) video card like a quadro for best performance.
You can also find the official vex files from the vex curriculum here:
The only problem I find with the collection from the curriculum is the file for the 2 wire 393 motor have a path problem that cannot be fixed. We use the motor files from the Botsnstuff collection instead.

An SSD disk works wonders too. Noticed a HUGE improvement once I switched to one of those - especially in Inventor.

Newegg seems to be a price leader these days and I am in the sweet spot for their shipping so I get stuff quick from them.

I’m looking to get a video card for Inventor. Any in particular you would recommend? Is 2Gb enough? Overkill?

Something like this?

I would say 2GB is enough for most things in inventor. The 750ti should be fine. I personally use a 650 (non ti) and even that can handle pretty much everything I throw at it (inventor 2016). Inventor pro 2016 recommended specs suggest a directX 11 3D video card.