AutoCAD Help!


Hey guys, I know this isn’t the smartest thing to ask since I have 3 years of experience with VEX robotics but I’m trying to use AutoCAD, but I’m not too sure how to use AutoCAD. For example, sketching/drawing my robot onto AutoCAD. Could someone link me a good YouTube video or any website with instructions as I’ve tried to go there myself but I’m still having trouble understanding AutoCAD. Thanks ahead of time~

Hi Michael,
I’m assuming you are trying to learn assembly in AutoCad. Most people in the VEX Community choose to use Autodesk Inventor, which is very similar to AutoCad. I think you will find a lot of resources in old threads if you do a quick search for Autodesk Inventor.

Below is link on a VEX provided curriculum on learning Autodesk Inventor, which is a great place to start.

I personally use solidworks, so I may not be the best resource on specifics.
Hopefully this helps,

Thank you! I started just an hour ago and now I’m already used to Autodesk Inventor! Thanks for your help Alphapixel! Much better program than AutoCAD!

Happy to hear it helped!