AutoCAD library of parts

Hey so I have a question does anyone have a library of Vex parts with V5 in a AutoCAD format specifically, without needing to convert. I know most people use inventor or solid works, but I really want to use AutoCAD thanks.

Are you talking about auto desk fusion 360? If so, yes but not sure what you are talking about in terms of the program

If you mean Fusion 360 the KoP is available at this webpage if you scroll to near the bottom (You have to download the V5 stuff directly from the store pages)

The V5 components are only released as step files, a 3d format. If you want 2d dwg files to make blocks, someone with inventor, fusion, Onshape, or Solidworks could open the parts into an assembly, arrange them top, side front, etc, make a drawing, and export the drawing as a dwg file. If nobody does it sooner, I can get one of my U-Team members to do this next week.