This is my first time using AutoCAD Inventor. I have my basic design. But in my design my wheels nor my shafts can move. What can i do to fix that. It might be the way i mated them or added constraints to them. So can u guys tell me a way to fix it so i don’t have to take apart what i did, or if i do have to take it apart, can u tell me the proper way to mount it on. Thnks in advance.

I wouldn’t even worry about using axles in CAD. Nor hardware. Just constrain the axis of the components to the axis of the metal. I put dimensional cylinders inside of the holes of my metal to make constraining axis easier without using imates.


To allow the shafts to rotate you have to mate the axis of the bearing or the C-Channel hole with the axis of the part (shaft, wheel, spacer, etc)
You can use either the default mate constraint or the insert constraint, the difference is that if you use the insert constraint you dont have to use a second mate constraint to align the part to a surface
Attached are some of examples of the cylindrical features you should be selecting:

BTW @Cyber brains , how do you put dimensional cylinders because I put circles on my C- Channels but I can’t do insert constraints or create insert i mates with them because they’re not 3d.

I don’t use the imates very often. To make the dimensional cylinders, you extrude a circle inside of the square with dimension rather than a material. 2382 I guess uses sketched circles, but I like using the extruded dimension.