Autodesk 123d Snowman Challenge!

Autodesk 123d recently had a halloween competition. It was to build a pumpkin in Autodesk 123d. I participated and some people won a Autodesk t-shirt. Luckily for me, I won a shirt. It is a pretty cool shirt I must say. I have about half a zillion of Autodesk shirts because my dad goes to Autodesk University every year and gets a few. He saw Ricky Q from VEX there.

Anyway, they are hosting another challenge! The participants receive a one year free ‘Instructables’ pro membership. The challenge can be found here.

I encourage everyone to try it. 123d is a pretty basic tool for learning CAD and is Autodesk newest products (I am pretty sure)!

Wow, thanks Drbayer for that timely post!
I just yesterday downloaded Autodesk Professional (Free for Students), and am pretty clueless on how to use it; Autodesk 123D should be a great tool to help me get started! (Plus the challenge provides good motivation too :slight_smile: )

You should watch my tutorial videos! :

And you get a prize; instructables 1 year pro membership. (not quite sure what instructables is yet though)

The RECF Online Challenges also offer an Autodesk Inventor contest, with prizes including VEX store credits up to $750 and a possible invitation to the VRC World Championship. Do both!

Planning on it! Only 25 days left to enter.

Autodesk tutorial videos, nice! I was wondering if there were any of those made by VEX students/mentors :slight_smile:
Rick TYler, thanks for the reminder! I notice that there are still some categories that have no submissions yet. Is that accurate?

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