Autodesk: Cant iMate bearing flats to structure

Hello, to begin **Ive already done the solution found on a similar tread but was unsuccessful**. Im able to iMate the structure to the bearing flat but not the other way around. Im hoping to iMate the bearing flat to the structure and not the other around because its much more frustrating when doing so.

I`m using the vex parts(Imperial) given in the appendix from the vex curriculum and am also using the 2018 Autodesk Inventor.

Thanks for helping.

Have you tried making circular inserts on the holes of the metal parts and using an insert constraint (rather than holding ALT and using those iMate icons) to mate them?

How do you make the circular inserts on the holes of the metal parts?

Although some CAD libraries already have circular parts, still take a look at the video.

Hope this helps.

Alright thanks. Although your advice does help I just found out that my autodesk files were “corrupted” and had to download the new files not from the appendix(got the new files from vex curriculum 4.3). Now I`m able to iMate the parts

Glad to hear it.