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I’m a middle school teacher in the state of Florida. We are really encouraged to do certification testing and that funds the schools when kids pass the tests.

I’m looking at the ACU tests. AutoCAD and Inventor are already used by local high schools. I don’t want to compete with other schools because when the kids go to those high schools they can’t do the test again and that can affect their funding. (I’m a team player.) So, I would need to pick from Revit, Maya, 3ds Max, or Fusion 360.

Looking at the system requirements (and my computer lab), I would lean towards Fusion 360 or 3ds Max. Hopefully both would feed well into the high school programs.

I’m looking for thoughts, especially from those who are familiar with the certification tests. Also, if you purchase any curriculum I’d like to know what you would recommend.

We have to pass the test before we can offer it to students, so I would LOVE to use this time to get my skills up and knock out the test myself.


Fusion 360 is pretty easy to use, it’s also pleasing to the eye, and everything needed for robotics is easy to learn. (I watched a 30 minute tutorial)

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There is so much crossover between Inventor and Fusion that you could look at it two ways -do Fusion because then they will absolutely smash Inventor in HS or do something completely different to avoid the overlap.
I really like Fusion and you can teach so much with it. Sketching, product design, tolerances, proportions, physics through stress analysis and material properties, CAM, the list goes on.

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