Autodesk Constraint Help w/ Standoffs

I am currently designing my team’s first robot for Tower Takeover on Autodesk Inventor and am new to the CAD process. I was wondering about how to constrain standoffs to smaller c-channels that don’t have the circular option in the square holes. Within the part library I am using, only a select few of the c-channels have the circular option in the square holes. Is there a way to add the circular option, or is there an easier way to constrain standoffs to c-channels?

This series of posts should help you:

If you’re using the same library as me, then all your c channels do have circular holes, they are just hidden. You have to edit the parts and unhide them.

How do I edit and unhide the circular inserts?

You need to open the C-channel(s) in question as parts, rather than importing them into an assembly. Then locate the hidden circles in the “Model” hierarchy (usually docked on the left, such as in this image). Right click on the entries for the hidden circles and click on Visibility.

Once you unhide all the circles, save your modified part and then use the modified version as normal.

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