Autodesk error 0xc000007b

OK, so I have not been able to use Autodesk for awhile, I got up one day, tried to use it, but it brought up an error box that said the application was unable to start correctly with the error code 0xc000007b. I have researched this quite a bit but nothing has worked! I recently found that this error with the windows registry is often caused by even slightly damaged or corrupted directX files. I then found out that I have directX v12 prebuilt into windows 10 by going to run and then running dxdiag.exe but it didn’t find a problem! :stuck_out_tongue: I have no idea what to do. Am I wrong in thinking directX should have found a problem because that error code is caused by corrupted files in directX? I’m open for suggestions

Have you uninstalled and reinstalled to try to fix it?

No, that’s another thing I was unsure about. I used my last student download on it and I wasn’t sure if it would take one away if I uninstalled it. Would it do this? Is there a certain way I need to uninstall it? Thanks for the quick reply!

No idea about the licenses, but if it does take it away you can just go on the Autodesk Student site and get a new one. I believe Inventor also keeps the installer installed that has an uninstall option in it, but if not just google how to uninstall inventor.