AutoDesk Fusion 360 or Inventor 2013

Hi VEX Community,

Just starting out with a High School Robotics Program. Looking at the 3D CAD options, and accompanying digital VEX parts, it looks like Fusion 360 or Inventor 2013 are the options:

Can anyone shine some light on which option would be best for us to use? Pros/Cons?

Thanks everyone!

SolidWorks is also an option, but you must apply for the free sponsorship for your school/organization. It takes a few days, then you will generally receive enough licenses for your team.

Solidworks part libraries are available through “3d content central,” and by the efforts of a couple teams. Also, .step files, available on the vex robotics part pages are universal format files that can be used by any 3d CAD software.

You might consider checking your local Community College program to see what software is being used by the industry in your area. In the greater Detroit area, few people in industry use Inventor, and even fewer use Fusion.