Autodesk Fusion 360 VEX IQ Parts

I downloaded Autodesk Fusion 360, and I can’t find out how to insert the VEX IQ parts and use them. I’ve looked everywhere, and my Autodesk Fusion 360 is different than the other ones, maybe because the posts were old and my Autodesk Fusion 360 is updated. If anyone knows how to do this, can you please post it? Thanks.

Do you have all the VEX IQ parts downloaded from the VEX site in .STEP format? If so you just need to click upload in the panel on the left hand side and choose all your STEP files.

Scroll down this page a bit:


How do I download it in a .STEP format? It seems like I can only download as a ZIP fille.

Do you mean you cant find them?

If so, this page includes STEP files of all 2020-2021 VIQC-legal elements Then you can unzip the file and put it into Fusion 360


I can’t do one of the steps. When I click “Insert Mesh”, and I try to upload something, it shows this:


STEP is not a mesh. Chech the Upload designs using the Data Panel section of that link.


I don’t know how to attach the pins to the beams and things like that. The pins can go right through the beams. In the videos I watched, they could chose where they wanted the pin to go, and the pin would attach automatically.

Try using the joint tool.

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If you’re new to CAD and your goal is just to assemble VEX IQ parts, you’ll probably have an easier time using an LDraw-based tool such as SnapCAD, or better yet, LDCad for VEX IQ.

LDCad has features like automatically snapping pins to holes that make assembling VEX IQ structures (or LEGO structures, which is what it was originally designed for) a lot faster and easier than it would be in more general-purpose CAD software like Fusion.



is a game changer.


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