Autodesk Fusion or Inventor?

Has anyone looked at Autodesk Fusion over Inventor Professional? Lookign to kick start the high school students with their designs, but I noticed this new product from Autodesk.

Is it easier to use or use less system resources than Inventor? Can you import the part files or STEP files people have made for Vex parts?

It was our only option for a while since it works on MAC systems. It is really easy to learn, but we seemed to think it was a little more difficult to import parts and assemble than other programs.

You may want to check with your local Community College and see what is being used in your local industry (they should be teaching whatever the demand is for). Here in metro Detroit nearly everyone uses Solidworks or Catia, so Monroe County Community College doesn’t even teach Inventor or Fusion classes. They use DraftSight (free software) for the 2d intro-to-CAD classes.

I personally use Fusion 360 but not because it’s better than Inventor. Each has it pros and cons. Fusion has a cloud-service capability that lets you manage and see your projects everywhere, even in your phones. In my opinion, Fusion 360 is a very user-friendly CAD software that includes server rendering, simulations (Stress, Strain, Thermal, etc.) , sculpting, patching, and of course, modeling. The program is designed to favor team collaboration. You create a project, invite as many members you want, and start designing while your members watch the work after each save. They can also edit your work, render, simulate, etc. It’s a really good software that unites many people to work on a design as one.

You can import the STEP files easily as other formats as well, uploading it into the cloud. I think I made a thread about this. I’ll look for it.
EDIT: Here it is!

As to the difficulty of using Fusion, it’s fairly easy to use. The assembly can be a little hard to get used to. Just make sure to have a good CPU and plenty of RAM or else, it runs choppy. Assembling certain VEX parts such as screws on C-channels can be troublesome because for example: The center of a C-Channel’s squared hole cannot be selected (for some reason I don’t know) because it has rounded holes which is an issue if you want to insert screws quickly. To insert a screw, you simply selected the axis of the screw using JOINT, then select the other axis (or center of any hole) to insert the screw. There’s a bunch of workarounds for issues like this but besides this issue, assembling c-channels, gears, chains, etc is a walk in the park.

Here’s a small project I was doing around April (then came the final exams and stopped):
Main Body v7.jpg
I was trying to imitate the SCHAFT bipedal robot using Vex parts :frowning:

Hope my opinion helps! Any questions, feel free to ask me.