Autodesk Inventor Building Problems

I have recently started using Autodesk Inventor and have a couple questions. First, can anyone find a single 5 hole long c-channel, or even a single one that I can place over again, or I need this for a holonomic drive, if anyone has a X design holonomic drive.

if you have the full length C channel you can cut them to size in autodesk


open up the original C channel file, then save a copy of that file as whatever you want, you will modify this copy.

click “create 2D sketch”, the click on the C-Chanel

make a square on top of the long c Chanel, the square should cover the entire part that you want to cut away, so for you it will cover all but 5 holes.

finish the sketch

click extrude then click on the sketch you made. in the extrude window there should be an option to reverse the direction, then you should be able to select between “solid fill” and “cutting” select cutting and hit finish, it should remove everything under the square you made

Sorry, I forgot to thank you, and I apologize to you for getting upset with you when you tell me just to cut it.