autodesk inventor conditional rotation

Hi experts
I apology for my bad English.
suppose we want to simulate bicycle rear hub rotation mechanism.
As you know; just when pedal rotation is clockwise ,power transmission to wheel is occurred.if pedal stops or rotates reverse,wheel continues it’s rotation with no affection.
this mechanism is due to rear hub.

Now in autodesk inventor i have two’s diameter grater than the other,which smaller inserted into grater.
I want to put a condition for rotation/transition similar to bicycle rear hub.
When outer pipe rotates clockwise(with an overtaking speed) ,inner pipe rotation accelerates.If outer pipe stops or rotates ccw ,inner pipe does not affected and continues it’s previous state.

How can i do this?
Is it possible by creating a new rule?or just could be simulated mechanically?

Thank you

I don’t know if it is possible to do with normal constrants, but if you would make a rendering of what you have, you could have the different parts rotate at different times and speeds so it would look like it was happening.

Here is a video of how to use inventor studio (the rendering software in inventor). You would want to be doing something like spinning the wheels.

Hello my friend
unfortunately render making is not my purpose.
This part should make a complex mechanism with others so that rotation speed or momentum of final part can be measured.

Hi all
Is there any way to solve this problem?

Well in my opinion, I would definitely use bearings!!! First of all, using them reduces friction on motors. You definitely don’t want to burn them out. Also you don’t have to put in a screw on both sides of the bearing, just put one screw in one side, it works just as well to hold it in, but loses some weight as well. Plus, by going metal to metal it will eventually wear out the metal pieces the axle is sitting in, making the axle able to move around with some freedom. I think it is worth the little bit of weight to make sure everything is smooth, and frictionless. Plus, how is a half a pound going to make a difference?