AutoDesk Inventor - Constraining

Hey, I was just having problems constraining my bearing block to the aluminum chasis rail. How do you do it?

a good place to start is constraining the bottom of the bearing block to the top of the chassis rail (essentially flat side to flat side). then to get it aligned in the right place, you can use the angle constraint with on of the edges of the bearing block and a face on the rail to get it parallel. and for positioning use the holes, there should be an increment of .25" to get it centered from one of the ends/sides of the rail.

Great, that helps alot. Thanks!

The best way to do it is to put in work points or axes on the centre of the holes you are using…
If you are using parts (like the bearings and bolts) which have circular holes/projections, you can just make them concentric, but where ever there is a square hole, we use a work axis to do the same. It is time consuming to put them on, but if you are doing it on a large part like the metal plates, you should get away with only having to do it one or two times and then create a pattern from that, leaving it finished if you need to use that part again, somewhere else.