Autodesk Inventor Doesn't Work?

I’m in a new VEX Team, & I just downloaded Autodesk Inventor on my Windows laptop. For some reason though, it doesn’t turn on. It keeps saying that I need to reregister. Help, please!

Use Fusion 360. I was having similar issues with Inventor and Autodesk support couldn’t find a way to fix the issue, so I moved to Fusion 360, and it was the best decision I ever made.

Alternatively, you could use SolidWorks, and ever since I moved to it from Inventor, I have loved it. It is much easier to learn, and, in my opinion, is more user-friendly.

You can download the parts library for SW here: (Creds to NattyMan0007)

I had no problems here. Did you get it from their student downloads? That’s where I got mine.