AutoDesk Inventor Library?

Hi, This is my first time with the VEX Forums, not sure if this topic should go here, so if it’s not please move it to a new place!

I’m currently using the S^3 VEX Inventor Library for creating a CAD version of our robot, but noticed that there is no High Strength Axle, 84 tooth High Strength Gear, or the High Strength Bearing Blocks. Could anyone link me to any of these files? The I-mates that they’ve put on have really saved a lot of time.

On the product page of the respective product on the VEX website you will find links to .STEP files that you can import into Inventor. They don’t have iMates, but there may be a couple of parts that community members have edited and shared on the forum, try searching for the specific part on the forum.

Here is a link to the most updated Motion folder in the library and it should contain all the parts you are missing.

Yup those are in there as well.

Thank you so much.

hey i just saw this and i am using autodesk 2014 for my cad software and i was wondering if you could find a battery holder for it

Is that a part that isn’t just right here?

Click the full download button to get the entire library.

This one?

CAD STEP file: