Autodesk Inventor motor assembly file

Hello VEX forum. I have downloaded the CAD library form Autodesk’s website and found out that the assemblies have some issue. I managed to rebuild everything else except for the motors. Mainly because I’m too lazy to put in and motion constrain all the small gears… So I wonder if anybody has the motor assembly file that I can use. Thank you so much.:smiley:

Right now I have constructed a motor shell that can be used in designing. But what I really want is to set the motor shells as clear, and you can actually physically see how all the gears work inside, and I can animate the initial gear and the robot moves. I wonder if anyone has that type of file.

Have you looked at S^3’s CAD library?

I would recommend removing all the internal stuff that is not needed. This would save memory and processing time when rendering.

As a matter of fact I just saw it after posting this thread… their library sounds all good. I plan to try out at school.

Yeah that is what we are doing now… still it would be cool to have all the gears.

It does include all the motors with internal gears included, with correct motion constraints and all. :wink: If your computer begins to struggle when you are building your robots, you may consider removing the internal gears, etc., even just to create a “light” version of the part.

Here is a link to download the latest released version of the library.


Thanks Jordan. I tried out the library and it was just awesome. I set the motor shell as clear and animated the initial gear and it is soooo coool! Thank you.