Autodesk Inventor Problem?

So this is whats happening.

I go to mate, say a bearing block to a piece of metal. I get it to mate, but then I need to move it around to somewhere else on the metal. It does not allow me to move it. Usually I can move the piece around once its mated to a certain piece.

How do I get it to be able to move while mated to a piece?

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Right-click your parts and make sure “Grounded” is not checked

I’ve seen this happen to me when I’m working as well, when the parts are not grounded or not fully constrained. I have not found the source of the problem, could be something to do with the VEX CAD parts themselves as I haven’t seen this problem anywhere else. The parts are also not fully constrained, it confuses me as well. My solution is delete all constraints and redo them, if that doesn’t work then delete the part re-constrain.

  • Andrew

For bearings, I’ve always had issues using mate. However I fixed them if I use tangent

It just happened in the middle of me cadding. It was all working fine, then it started happening.

OK, thank you all!