Autodesk Inventor Problems

Hi VEX Community,

Our team is trying to make 3-d replications of our robot on Autodesk Inventor. Whenever we try to open our saved files we get the error messages below. Does anyone know what our problem is and how to solve our unresolved link?

Are you trying to open a .iam (Inventor Assembly) file? If so, then you’ll need all the files that make up that assembly. In your second screenshot it looks like Inventor’s looking for an assembly called “Drive Assembley.iam” and it’s asking you to find that file using that dialog.

Autodesk Inventor iam files work by finding the part files by their paths saved in the iam files. Which means that if you build an iam file then move the referenced part files to some different folders, Inventor can’t find them anymore and asks you to manually find them again so Inventor can change the saved paths and correctly open those parts again. Which is usually guaranteed to happen when you download an iam and its associated ipts online.
Best practice is keeping the ipts and iams in the same folder.

Also, CAD isn’t just making a replica of what you’ve already built. You are supposed to design with some estimated preliminary parameters, CAD to see if those work out correctly, use CAD to do analysis (stress, center of mass, etc.), and then spend less time and frustration in the actual build.