Autodesk Inventor Professional 2014 Vex Software

My team this year is neew. We need the vex parts/ software for autodesk inventor professional 2014 but are out of luck. Is there any way i can get this software?

That software has a free 3-yr license for educational use. Just sign up.

Go here, you will have to create an account (I know what a pain for unlimited access to tens of tousands of dollars worth of software).

After that, go on a downloading spree.

What you download at first is kind of a smart installer, it’s like time or session locked so be sure to run it and install the software immediately, don’t download all the installers at once and get mad when they don’t work the next day.

It is unclear from your original post whether you have installed Autodesk Inventor Professional yet. However, you should be able to do so by following the above posts. It does sound as if you are looking for a place to download the VEX CAD part files. VEX has most of the parts available as STEP files from VEXCAD. However, it requires you to download many, many files, and the parts have no materials or colors set. I have had a library of VEX parts that has been a work in progress for the past ~4 years. Although it is incomplete, it has nearly every VEX part included, along with accurate weights and colors in most cases. Here is a download link for an older version of my library. The new version requires Inventor 2015.

Beware it takes seemingly forever and a day to download and install all the components. So be prepared to wait a while for it to complete.

Autodesk needs a bit of disk space and resources. Putting your Autodesk files on an SSD speeds things up immensely. (Really, SSD’s are getting cheaper) It is a bit chatty to the disk and graphics card so at least 8GB of memory, an OK graphics card/chip, and an OK processor are pretty much required. Less than that can be a really slow experience.

And trying to manipulate via a touch pad on a laptop can be an exercise in frustration too so get a mouse ready.