Autodesk Inventor Question

Is there any method to make a mirrored assembly that is derived from another assembly?

My setup:

“DriveModule (Assembly)” -> One drivetrain, or one half of my drive base

Drivetrain Assembly -> After placing “DriveModule” I would like to both mirror it (I know how to mirror) and make the new mirrored assembly update whenever I edit “DriveModule.” from what I’ve read this is an obvious feature in Inventor 2012, but I am using Inventor 2011. Can anyone help me with this?

Yes there is a way to make a mirrored assembly(as you know). I am unsure about having it update though, I would think so even in '11. I do not have inventor for the summer so I can’t tell you how, but if I find out I’ll edit this post and tell you how.

I did that for my drivetrain, it saves time!


Here is the solution if anyone else needs it:

-After you create the assembly (in my case the left drivetrain) create a new PART.

-Go to manage->insert->derive and select your assembly. There are extra options that will change depending on your needs in this window.

-Go to the options tab

-select “mirror”

Now you have a second “assembly” to place in your final robot assembly. Since it is derived from the first (left drivetrain) changing one assembly will update both. This is very useful, especially for those designing seven-bars, complex drivetrains, etc.