AutoDesk Inventor vs 360

What do you guys use for robotics designs Inventor or 360 and also what are the pros and cons of both

TinkerCAD is the only way.

Personally, I use 360 just because of the online features and sharing. I haven’t had much experience with inventor over the past few years, so I’m not sure if that was added.

Inventor because my laptop is too slow for anything else.

I use Fusion cause it allows the team to collaborate on models in a way that’s really hard with Inventor. Plus built-in version control is very nice

If you don’t need the collaboration features of Fusion 360, go with Inventor. The featureset is significantly greater, which will make your life easier.

robot mesh all the way! I’m really slow at fusion

Fusion, for the online sharing and easy to use features, model editing, and version history that makes it very easy to revert and edit old versions.

You don’t have to limit yourself to Autodesk products. Solidworks is also a high-end option if you’re serious about CAD modeling. Our students can use all three. Read this for links: CAD for VEX Robotics.pdf (199.4 KB)

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