AutoDesk Inventor

Does Autodesk Inventor 2017 (not AutoDesk Inventor Professional 2017) have VEX parts in it available for design, or is that in other CAD programs?

Neither version has vex parts, but… both can import STEP files.

Also look at the bottom of the product page, as some products have CAD there, but not on that page.

Out of all of the products on AutoDesk, which one would you say is best for VEX, if it either has VEX parts in it or is compatible with downloads containing VEX parts? @Cody

That’s tricky.

I’m moving from Inventor to Fusion 360, either would be great though. Remember the student licenses are free, and Fusion is free in general for any person or company making less than $100,000/yr.

I went over how to CAD for VEX in Inventor in my Build a Bot series on YouTube. That should give you something concrete to start with.

Is Fusion 360 able to import STEP files as well, and, if so, how?

@Cody ^

Let me check…

It imported the colors in a strange way, but it definitely works.

Is there a file at that I can import to Fusion that includes all of the VEX parts I’ll need to model a basic mechanism, or do I need to import the parts separately? @Cody

Separately, although there are some premade libraries for Inventor out there. The Bots N Stuff library and I think 254s are popular.