Autodesk zipped file help

So, I downloaded Jordan’s cad library and it appeared as a compressed/zipped folder. When I right click on it the menu it brings up doesn’t allow me to unzip it. Also, when I try to extract the contents from it it says that the folder is empty. When I open up Autodesk inventor and try to open up the the cad library is says that the folder is invalid. I am wondering how to change the folder so that I can access it’s parts in inventor or if I can hack my way around the fact that it’s invalid. Thanks in advance!

What OS are you using? You should be able to just double click it to get inside the zipped file, and then you can copy/drag the contents in there that you want to some other folder that is where you want it.

It’s a ZIP file, you need to uncompress it. Double click on Windows to open the ZIP wizard.

Alright, I will do this along with you (same file), open file explorer (file looking icon), next find the file you are going to open and use, for me it was in the downloads file, right click the file and select [Extract All…], that will open the windows ZIP wizard for extracting a zipped folder.

This is based off of Windows 10, I assume that you are using some sort of windows os, if so, it should be nearly the same or, exactly the same.

Hope this helps.