Hello guys, I want to use Autodesk to design our robot, does anyone know which app to use? Because there are just so many options. Please comment down and explain which app you guys use, and what add-ons you guys have.

We use Inventor Pro because it has nice libraries of parts and we all learnt to use that back when it. For IQ we use Snap CAD becauseā€¦ SIMPLICITY! I recommend the BNS inventor part library :slight_smile:

how do you get the parts in the app? because last time, i dont know where to look for it

@9594M you can go to the vex site to download individual parts or just look online and search Vex Cad parts library.

Where did these new banners come from?

We use Autodesk Inventor 2016 with Vault. On the Vex website there is a download for each part as Sebastian posted above.