Automated scoring

With the release of this new VEX game and the manner of scoring, I think the idea of automated or live scoring would be interesting to do.

I had some ideas of how I could implement this locally for some events, or at least making a system to do so.

Anyone else have any plans on trying to make a live scoring system?

My team was thinking of using a large white board and having different quadrants. Our 2 coaches could each mark tally marks for each ball in the quadrants for different goal areas, one coach does us and the other our opponents.

We might make an app to do this with 4 quadrants that you tap for adding balls that automatically calculates score. Should be relatively simple.

Maybe make the app and attach the phone to a monitor?

That’s a good idea.

Nothing but Net appears to be such an active game that I believe scores will change frequently. I’d like for the audience to see the change in scores. I can rig up a hardware system to detect the presence of a ball in a goal, but now the idea of updating score and displaying it during an event.

I’d like for the screen to be behind the teams so the drive teams would still have to have the challenge of accurately calculating scores for SPs.

The pressure detector might also have a problem telling the different between bonus and normal balls. :slight_smile:

VRC Nationals here in New Zealand had live scoring for Skyrise powered by a few smartphones and a backend server (which may or may not have been running on a raspberry pi, unless that was one of the other features of the event?).

It was pretty cool, and I’ll be disappointed if it isn’t used again (and improved) for the NbN season.

Do you mean like a code that auto aims at the net and adjusts angle or speed to make it in the net 9/10 times? This is totally possible and i am working on something that will be able to do this. The driver will get the balls and press a button and then the robot will turn to face the goal and fire all the balls and then give the driver back control

So… this is not about automated scoring, but as folks are talking about white boards and apps - we downloaded this one on an iphone last night for free from the itunes app store. It is very simple to keep score, adds the bonus points as well as low and high elevation score. It’s made by “DWAB Technology, LLC” and seems pretty good so far. Screen shot attached and link below.


That is the regular Vex made app which has the manual and a scoring calculator. Vex has made an app like that since Sack Attack

For live scoring, I don’t think the app is really fast enough. You would really need something that allows the score to be updated with a single push of a button. If I get a chance, I might try and create an app that can do this.

In the next few weeks with my Raspberry Pi and possibly another camera, I’ll go make a system like this.

The intent of this live scoring is not only for teams in the match, but also the audience. Who doesn’t want to see live scoring? I think that change made FRC so much better.