Automatic cone stacking!



Nice, how many motors does your shifter (the internal stacker) use?

2, I’ve yet to upgrade to 4

@antichamber Alright thanks. What is the gear ratio of your internal stacker?

I was planning on automatic stacking. What sensors are you using? Pot on shifter/arm, pot on lift, and at this point I’m guessing it doesn’t automatically detect stack height?

How are you keeping the cone grabber parallel to the ground? It looks like a chain bar but it’s hard to tell.

Pot on left and right side of lift and pot on shifter, nothing detects stack height, but I have a plan for that :wink:

Yes, it’s a chain bar

Speed 1:5

@antichamber Cool robot, but what do the pots do?

I assume he’s going to use pid or something similar to keep his lift straight and then use it for controlling the movement of the chain bar.

@structural bEaring I think he is using them to tell the lift where to start

@Ron ok bud, care to elaborate?

@structural bEaring Ayeeee we’re buddies!!!

@Coffee im really just trying to get my question answered, but i keep getting these weird questions like “mind telling me who you are?”

I’ve deleted a number of pointless posts

@Coffee yea lmao, Ron said “the pot will tell the lift where to start” right after I said “the pot tells the program where to stop the lift” in response to @Lightning 's question. I just wanted Ron to explain more cause it didn’t make much sense to me what he said

@antichamber do you thing you could do in in depth-ish "tour of your robot, and you mobile goal intake. Great job by the way