Automatic cone stacking!

The pots are fed into a pid loop that controls the position of the lift and chain bar

I agree it could work better, but with the cone BARLEY having enough room to pass through the robot, even though I designed the entire thing around making it possible, I don’t see how a linear version would fit unless it went over the top of the robot.

I WOULD share, but what you saw in the video no longer works very well, it currently has trouble stacking a single cone. Along with the fact that in the video, the mobile goal is just sitting on the floor

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If the cones you pick up and the mobile goal are on the opposite sides of the robot from each other, a linear method doesn’t really make sense. It made plenty more sense in Skyrise when the sections only had to traverse from one corner of the robot the nearer corner. Even still, I don’t believe that method is as fast.

@Ron so, it makes me laugh. @Coffee @Aponthis I think both methods have their pros and cons. A linear method like 62’s is better at purely moving the cones if the mobile goal is carried with your robot in a fixed position. Something like 2916A’s might be better at scoring on a stationary goal or if you don’t have the mobile goal attached with you.

So in the video, are you just using time? It looks like your making a lot of progress btw, keep it up :slight_smile:

What happened? I would still love to see the rest of it though.

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What happened that caused it to stop working. Did it just randomly happen, or did you make any changes that could have had an effect?

Great job. I’d been wondering how well just such a set-up would work.

I suspect a big part of the problem higher up is that the chain bar ceases to reach the same distance out, having more lateral motion and less vertical motion on certain parts of the curve. Have you tried changing the ordering of steps slightly with your lifts? Right now your dr4b lowers before you swing the chain bar away from the stack. After picking up, try putting the dr4b higher, swinging the chain bar, lowering the dr4b, releasing, raising the dr4b, swinging the chain bar…

I’m just a normal VEX competitor on the VEX forum and please stop asking pointless questions like this. No one is going to give you their information publicly.

It seems really fast as well as efficient, and just a bit more programming here and there, efficiency would be better. It’s really good, but I’d like to wonder how to pick up fallen over cones if so? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think to pick up fallen cones you would need a slightly modified intake. In order to pick up the fallen cones, it would be important to be able to get lower to the ground and grab it in the right way. I’m not sure how you would accomplish this though.