Automatic Driver Program

On an IQ 1st gen brain, u can go into driver without downloading code. I’m wondering whether motors are at 50 or 100 velocity when we u go into automatic Driver Program

Its at 50% velocity, but you can change it to whatever you want

how? 20charrrrrrrrrr

The IQ generation 1 brain will command motors at 100% using the built in drive program. You can actually see the speed of the motor, use the Up and Down buttons on the brain to scroll through screens showing controller and motor status.


im not talking about testing a motor in device info, im talking about the actual driver program

so was I, it has status screens showing controller and motor information.


The default is 50%, you can change it by going to the drivetrain section and changing the drive velocity to 100%

The default used to be 50%. Once they released the new coding environment and new BIOS with it, Driver Control runs motors at 100%, thus removing the disadvantage that teams using default port setups were at vs teams that could make a controller program.

Also, if @jpearman says something about the OS-level stuff is the case, I’d be inclined to believe him, as his name is all over the underlying H files. :slight_smile:


I think we are all getting our wires crossed here.

VEX IQ generation 1 has some basic driver control code embedded into vexos. It’s designed to allow control of simple robots, 2 or 4 motor drive and 4 auxiliary motors, no programming at all is required. Details are here
what may not be widely known is that once you have “run” the program you can use the up and down buttons to access status screens showing controller and motor/sensor details.
This is the program I am referring to when I said motors will be commanded to run at 100%.

VEXcode can also provide some simplified driver code, this is auto generated code that controls the motors that have been assigned to controller buttons and joysticks in the graphical controller setup. The motors assigned to a drivetrain I believe are commanded at up to 100%, however, motors controlled by buttons will be commanded at the default motor velocity which is still at 50 rpm as far as I know (because I don’t remember ever changing that). You could change the default motor velocity for these using setVelocity in a “when started” block.


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