Automatic Scouting Sheet

I though I would share this with you all. Basically it is a google sheet where you type in a teams info and it calculates their rating out of 10 (Realistically you can only get around 9.87). To use it, go to file - make a copy and then you will have a version you can edit. By using the google sheets app you will be able to access it at competitions on your phone or laptop. If you have any suggestions please make a comment.

File Link - Vex Automatic Scouting Sheet - 745v - Google Sheets

I got 7.6 for my team…
rip, we can do nearly all of those thing

yo lemme just put some 18" wheels on real quick

Yay!!! We got a 8.514285714. Thanks for sharing this, this should be pretty helpfull. :smiling_face:

may or may not have rigged it to give me a result of 2π


It would be nice to have a convenient place for motor distribution that doesn’t affect the score as well as an extra place for autonomous score that does affect the final score. Just my two cents :slight_smile:

Ill add that right now!
Ps. It is a pretty strict rater.

Edit: Update finished. It now includes auton!

Formula being used:

((DriveRatio * 3.8) + (WheelSize * 2.5) + FarZone + NearZone  + ScoreSpeed + LowLift + High Lift + Auton) / 8

Each metric is essentially given a rating out of ten (ignoring ridiculous drive ratios, auton score and weird homemade wheel sizes), and each contribute equally to the final rating out of 10.

To start improving this, I would suggest giving each metric a different weighting.
i.e. Currently each metric has a weighting of 1/8, and totaling each weighting together gives 1 (1/8 * 8).
Change the weightings so that more important metrics have larger weightings which have a larger effect on the final rating (but still keep the total of weightings equal to 1). For example, make the Far Zone weighting twice as large as the Near Zone weighting.

I agree. I still need to work on it. I made this pretty quickly beause i have a competition tomorow. I do appriciate the suggestions and will start working on a version 2. Maybe I should do a survey on what is most important.

I suggest not differentiating between low and high lift. Most bots who can high lift right now simply can’t low lift.

Thanks! I already added my own column for autonomous though because i wanted to use it for our competition today :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool idea, it’s nice how easy it is to change the columns and formula to suit individual preferences. The final score should never be the only thing to consider, as you may look for certain abilities to compliment your alliance.

I made some changes to reflect how I might weight performance.

My team got all 10s on everything but we only got an overall score of 7.5… I think it’s because I don’t know our drive ratio… I put in 2.6 because we have turbo motors for our wheels. I think I’m missing something, so what would be my drive ratio for a 6 wheel drive all turbo motors?

New Changes:
-Less emphasis is placed on hanging. (3 stars from one far zone to the other far zone is the same)
-Most emphasis placed on star scoring speed and wether or not you can make the far zone.
-More accurate measurment for score speed.
-100 Team Capacity
New Link- v2 Vex Automatic Scouting Sheet - 745v - Google Sheets
Note: To get your own copy go to File > make a copy. If you use the google sheets app your whole team can edit it on your phones at the competitions.

Why is wheel size a factor?

What if you have two different wheel sizes?

Because both wheel size and ratio affect speed.

I would just use the smaller one.

We got a 6

8.7 without cube per minute and star per minute