Automation In Teleops Code?

My team is curious as to whether some of the automation in our self-driving program can be brought over to the Teleops controller program. For example, in the Squared Away challenge, if our autonomous program can place a green cube on a low platform, can they make the Teleops program do that for the first several seconds, then let them take over and drive for the remainder of their 60 second round…?

Thanks in advance for your response.

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You absolutely can. instead of pressing a sensor or a button to start the program will simply assign it to one of the buttons on the controller.

The real question to ask is whether your autonomous program for placing the green cubes on the lower platform is more reliable and faster than your drivers. What would happen if it messed up, or runs into a problem in the middle, and the routine takes 10 seconds to do? Do you have a kill switch or are you out 10 seconds before your drivers can take over?

Don’t put in an auton routine just because you can… do it only because it’s better and more reliable than your drivers.

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Thanks for the good thought… our code is very consistent; succeeding 9 out of 10 times. If it fails, the robot is already there for my team to manually place it. It currently takes about 8 seconds to automatically get it there.

My question though is more about whether it breaches any rules. They can drive it if they have to, but this lets them get ready for the next item, typically the red or blue cube nearby.

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