Auton At Competiton

I currently have 3 different programs. Driver control, and 2 auton. At competition, how do I choose which auton to run before the match starts?

What competition is this for? IQ or VRC?

vrc, it uses block coding

old school VRC is to realize that there are different configurations for each challenge. In V5 you will need to chose robot position, alliance (blue or red), and objectives on what to do with pre-loads.

During Turning Point our club developed the following framework based on James Pearman example code … it was using VCS, but can be adapted to VEXcode V5 pro -


Im confused, is this a way to run different programs mid competition?

Ideally you’d have some way to select the correct autonomous with the same program. I’ve seen selectors on the brain touchscreen, or dials using potentiometers. The program reads what auton is selected, and then runs them accordingly.

and then there’s the lazy option which is to re-download the code to different program slots, manually changing the auton route in each slot. It works, but it’s a huge pain if you have to change something.


Well im new to coding so ill take the easy way out. I have my autonomous completely done and fully tested so i shouldn’t have to make that many changes to them.

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this game is symmetric - no need to really select alliance red/blue in general.

sorry for confusion, button code approach allows to set parameters for autonomous routines on the fly. Old days on V4 Cortex you would use the jumpers.

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Not during the same match. You could add your driver control to each of the auton programs. But in ONE match you should run ONE program.


Try using the Driver Control and Autonomous Hats, they will automatically activate in the game.

I use the Vex Pro Code so it might be different, but in the main function there are two lines of code specific for identifying autonomous and drive control. It’s something like:

Competition.autonomous( [name of function] );

In there you are able to identify which autonomous you want to use for that round or testing.