Auton Ideas

I just wanted to make this thread to see different auton ideas people had. If you could add to it’s that would be great!

Well, This year I see people having multiples autons because of how valuable Win Points are if you complete your home row, so most autons should focus on that. Here are the autons I would like:

And then some autons that focus on the middle row if you trust your alliance. But the reason want an auton for filling out all the rows is because I don’t trust my alliances


The more turns you take, especially longer turns, the more room for error there will be. For green auton, I think it would be better to face the perimeter and back up, then turn 45 degrees, rather than make the robot go forward and turn 135 degrees. Similarly, have the robot back up after scoring but turn 90 degrees to the right to score in the middle goal. Basically, this will make your robot only need to turn twice, and wouldn’t need to turn further than 90 degrees yet can score both goals. You can figure out similarly for purple to make it more efficient as well.


I honestly could see 4 different potential autons for matches:

-A 0 ball auton, which would set you up to score the middle goal immediately once driver control starts.

-A 1 ball auton, where you score a corner goal and begin to setup towards the middle.

-A 2 ball auton, in which you score a corner and the middle goal of your home row.

-A 3 ball auton, where you score your entire home row.

Obviously, teams will pick and choose which autonomous periods they want to try and code and compete with, but I feel those are the 4 most likely routes we’ll see.


Agreed, It’s just a mock up made in microsoft paint. I usually like slamming into walls to make sure things don’t go wrong. Also the turning I use with PID (and Gyro if all goes wrong) to make it somewhat viable. Also, X-Drives can strafe which is useful for our team.