Auton Issue

Hi vex community, our team recently attended a competition last weekend. During the autonomous part of the competition, we encountered a problem where the robot didn’t run the auton as expected, yet when tested at our lab back at the school or just anywhere other than the competition field it ran fine. Has anyone else encountered this problem or perhaps knows how to fix it? I attached a word document with our code on. Please let us know if you know whats causing this.

yes but are may have been bad :slight_smile:

Can you describe the didn’t run as expected portion any further? Also it seems that your word document didn’t attach.

What is this supposed to mean? I can’t tell what you are asking.

They might be saying that they encountered this issue too, but that their ??? may have been bad and caused it.
I don’t know what was bad so I replaced it with ???

@Jakefronstatefarm should still clarify what he meant.

Do you use the competition template?