Auton poll

Hello vrc competitors, this is mainly a poll for teams that went to early season competitions

What auton did you or your alliance prefer more? Or what did people have more of?

  • Color roll start position
  • Non color roller start position

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We are making a non-color auton (Starts not in front of the roller). It will be mirrored for both sides though, and get auton win point if our partner can get their roller.

this is essentially the point of this poll, were trying to see what’s favoured less so we have a higher chance of getting awp/just an autom win in general. this is only if we have time to make one auton tho.

OHHHHH, what I got from it is what are your teammates doing, not what we are doing. Thanks dor the clarification

The answer for any VRC game is: If you have the confidence and ability to do either option, do both. You should expect to use the hardest option more often, but might have a partner that convinces you their hard option is more consistent.

You can even come prepared to teach any team that has easy option capability and no auton the tiny bit of code they need to up their game.


we know this, weve been competing for a while, we are just prepping for the worst as we are short on time, and if we only have time to perfect one, thats what were gonna do.

Your experience indicates that you should program for the side that requires you to move to the roller.

AND: The easy side this year (like multiple years before it) only requires code to turn a motor a set amount to accomplish part of the AWP bonus. This can be done with a single line of autonomous code and shouldn’t take a significant amount of time to make reasonably consistent.

Which puts me back at “do both.”

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We made both but focused on the non-color roller start position. At early season competitions we found little teams had an auton. We asked teams to start infront of the roller make a code that drives forward and spins the roller.

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