Auton Problem

Hi vex community, our team recently attended a competition last weekend. During the autonomous part of the competition, we encountered a problem where the robot didn’t run the auton as expected, yet when tested at our lab back at the school or just anywhere other than the competition field it ran fine. While running the autonomous some parts don’t complete their task as planned. For example, we coded the robot to drive backwards, go forward, rotate 90 degrees, and then go backwards, lift the arms then go forwards. At the competition, it wouldn’t drive the correct distance, rotate the full 90 degrees or either lift the arms. Has anyone else encountered this problem or perhaps knows how to fix it? I attached a word document with our code on. Please let us know if you know whats causing this.

well we have had that problem but it could have been auton problem. But we did everything good at the lab then at comp it did nothing. But we didn’t get chance to fix it.

One, I don’t see the attachment, so it is difficult for anyone to comment on your code. Are you programming in the Competition Template? Are you running Cortex or V5? More information is needed.

Do you use wait times or shaft encoders? Are your field tiles old?

Do you have it on Bluetooth because at comp someone’s auton didn’t work they switched from vexnet to Bluetooth and it worked

Just so you know, using the controller on Bluetooth is illegal in competition. Rule <R11> d states:

The problem is most likely because you have not included code that should help prevent factors such as wheel slippage, drive overshoot, etc. You should probably add some code to help prevent these things to make your autonomous a little more consistent. Let me know if you want some help writing this code. There are thousands of ways to do it, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

can you show us your code?