Auton Program Start

I just have a quick question about legality… if those can be quick.

My team has been progressively developing better and better autonomous programs, and we’ve gotten to the point where we want to sure we can score a win point. Anyways, we’re wondering about what happens if another team is going to interfere.

Is it legal for them to not start their program until after the autonomous period ends, and would that even run their code? We want to able to have an option that allows other teams to not have to code a new auton, even if it’s blank.

Thanks in advance!

Just don’t have them run an autonomous program. It’s really as simple as that. Put them in a spot where they won’t interfere, and have them stay motionless during auton. You could also delay their movements until after you are 100% sure it won’t interfere with your WiP routine.

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I believed that too, but due to a pneumatic coding error last year and last minute additions, an EP allowed us to start our program later, so our pneumatic wouldn’t expand outside of the size regulations. It wasn’t until the program started that it would extend, hence, the program was started during auton.

Thanks for the idea though. I was wondering about it until I remembered this.

Anyways, legality? Should I just ask every EP? If they say no, do you have any other ideas?

<G9> says you can touch your robot in order to start a program as long as your robot hasn’t moved yet in the match. However, it specifies in the driver period, so I would assume you would have to wait until the driver period starts to start the program. I would talk to the head ref before the match to ask if this would be legal, just to be sure.

Just tell the other team to move their robot to a place where they will not get in the way, and tell them not to start their program until auton is over. This works very well, and I have used tis countless times this year alone.
this is not true.


Thanks for the great feedback. I’m glad you’ve been allowed to do this. I’m still going to talk to EPs about it, but seriously, this is great. Thank you also for the clarification about feasibility.

Now… it’s time to perfect the auton.

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