Auton running during driver control issue

Just got done with a match where the auton started running during driver control. (masterAuton.v5blocks, running auton b / middle neutral). The autonomous was supposed to start right, turn, and drive forward to the middle neutral goal and bring it back. Our robot’s arm has to get “tightened” before we start a match to get it to stay in size, we basically just pin it back and the arm releases if you lift it up all the way.
Anyway, we started the match with the arm too tight so it wouldn’t lift during auton; since the arm wouldn’t lift, the auton didn’t finish the program since the arm couldn’t reach the right position. So when we started driver control, we got a few seconds to move before the auton kicked off and left us unable to move. I believe the arm was lifted during the few seconds of driver control we got, but that shouldn’t have kick-started the auton, right? It was really frustrating so any help would be great.