Auton running during driver control

Our team keeps having this issue where our auton code keeps running even when we’re in driver control. It doesn’t even happen that much, just a few times but it’s really inconsistent. It even happens with different robot brains, and across multiple different tournaments. It’s cost us several matches and is just really frustrating in general. I don’t think it’s a coding issue, but I don’t think it’s a field issue either since it’s happened at different tournaments. Is it a VEXcode issue? Code: masterAuton3.v5blocks (120.6 KB)

It looks like you only have one auton that does anything, autonD, is that right ?

Which part of that auton keeps running ? anything is particular ?

I suspect the problem is related to issuing an event (broadcast) during auton that does not complete, the way the blocks competition control works it can only stop the task running under the auton hat, other tasks (ie. events) will probably keep running. When code gets as complex as your project, you may be better off moving to text so you have more control over what will run (and avoid using broadcast), alternatively, convert those auto routines to “myblock” calls rather than using events.