Auton score

Hey all,
Our girls have been working a bunch since the beginning of the year on their autonomous. Right now, their rear tile has been quite successful. In it, they shoot the top flag of the alliance flag stack, take the ball under one cap, flip another cap, shoot the top flag in the center stack and, if needed, park. For us, this has been quite effective, as since the new year, our record is 26 auton wins out of 34 qualifying matches. Its pretty cool when we shoot the second top flag near the end of auton, as no one is expecting it!

Winning auton seems to be quite critical this season, as it really sets the stage for a match. If you can make a big swing in points, it can be quite a hill for the opponents to overcome. How successful have other teams been at auton? Is winning auton a large part of your strategy? How many points can you either get or swing for your alliance? (they are interested in learning other strategies).

They have some more work to do in getting it more flawless, as we sometimes catch other field elements and this takes the encoders off location.

Heres a video of it successfully running last weekend. We got auton by default as the opponent crossed the center line, but it still was successful none the less.