Auton selecting

Is it possible to select the autonomous program with the controller?

You can make your own autonomous selector using the brainscreen as seen here: Autonomous Selector Question

You can upload up to 8 programs to the brain and these can be selected my going to the my programs section on your controller. In these separate programs, you can have separate autons but this isn’t a great solution since you will need to reupload every program for them to be updated if you change something that’s not the autonomous.


No. unfortunately all controller input is blocked while the robot is disabled by a competition switch or field control.

However, you can create a UI using the touchscreen on the V5 brain! The brain’s touchscreen input is not blocked when the robot is disabled by a competition switch or field control.

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This is true, but it isn’t impossible to make an autonomous selector using controller input.

Last season, our team implemented a controller-based autonomous selector that had everything in one program. We used the left/right arrow buttons to select a route, and the “A” button to confirm the selection. The important thing was that we plugged our controller into the field control system AFTER selecting a route.

As long as you make good use of your pre-autonomous code, and plug in your controller at the right time, it is definitely doable. Definitely take @EcstaticPilot’s advice though and avoid using multiple programs. It can become inefficient, and in industry environments, you are usually encouraged to write modular code.


Good point, I hadn’t thought of that!