Auton shooting not consistent

Background: Using block code, 2 green motors, the gear ratio of 14:1

In my autonomous, the robot is supposed to spin the log and shoot into the high goal from the short side starting position. It works fine until it shoots, in which it will get one in pretty constantly but the other does not. It is not consistent in which shot does not get in and neither is by how much or how little it misses. There is a problem with oscillation with the shooter during autonomous that I have not figured out how to fix. I am fed up with this inconsistency and have considered reducing my 20-14 point autonomous to a 12 but I want to figure this out for future reference.

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What are you referring to when you say spin the “log”? Please use the correct terminology

I think they mean the roller

Sorry, force of habit as that is what my team calls it. It is the roller or the Cylinder on the side with red and blue sides.


Try adding time between your first and second shot to reduce oscollation by letting it ballence out.


I have about 4 seconds between shots. The motors start spinning as soon as the code starts before it does anything else to give it time. As I mentioned, sometimes the first shot misses by too much or too little and the second shot shoots just fine.

It may be a mechanical issue caused by too much friction or an inconsistent backplate that bends.

are you using percent velocity your voltage for your motor speed. if you are using percent velocity, I would suggest switching to voltage. from what I have found it is more consistent

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